Well here we are again. Back in Hong Kong one more time. We decided for dinner we would do a greatest hits of all the random food we found the first time around. So we got our delicious dumplings and sweet buns and waffle.

Okay I know it kinda looks gross, but trust me it was all sweet goodness in your mouth.

Our room had an extra bed. It would have been for BiMF if she was still with us :(

So during our entire trip the one question we kept asking each other was, do we go to Harbin for the snow festival or Hong Kong Disneyland when we return to Hong Kong? After crunching the numbers we found that the trip to Disneyland would be significantly cheaper (like even if we bought Brittany and Brent a ticket to Disneyland it would be cheaper), so we decided Disneyland it was. 

On the way we had to get another sweet bun, because they are heaven!

You guys, they have a subway that's just for going to Disneyland and you better believe it's Disney themed. Do you see how the hand straps are mickey heads??
So it was pretty magical and had everything you might want from a Disney park, but it was also FREEZING! I don't think the sun ever came out from behind the clouds. Here's a fun fact, Disneyland is a little less fun when you're shivering.

So what I tried to do was take pictures of stuff that is different or was super fun. There were less foreigners than Asian. Usually the ratio seems 50/50. Here it was like 20/80.

Mickey went surfing whenever the whale blew water.

I really don't like this picture, but hey it's the Mickey face in plants by the train. Classic shot.

Mickey and Minnie celebrating Chinese New Year.

So on the right you'll see that some of Main Street is being redone. The covered it with a picture of stores on Main Street. So cute!

In case you can't see that, the wait times are like 15 minutes for each and every ride. Where are all the people, you ask? We'll get there.

Do you see that hat??? With the tiny body dangling off the head.

Once a pixie, always a pixie. Also I took off my coat (by my I mean the Frenchman's coat)  just for this picture and the next one. After that it was just too dang cold.

Erica Lee Miles and I LOVED this at Disney World so I was super excited to see it here. Also pictured is the Thailand protest tee.

Toy Story Land!

This was a seriously exhilarating ride.

Mystic Manor. I guess the Haunted House was too scary. This ride was actually really cool. It was like a Fantasy land ride mixed in with the way you fly around Toy Story Mania.

The Hong Kong version of Big Thunder, it's blasphemous but I'll say it. It was more fun.

The jungle cruise! So this was fun- Hong Kong has about a million different languages (English, Cantonese and Mandarin being chief among them) so they offer the ride in all three. You just queue up in different lines. 

There were a lot of splash zones... they were not fun.

So here's something different. It's the festival of the Lion King. Why is that different? Well you might not be able to tell but it's PACKED. We only had to wait 10 minutes to ride Space Mountain but they had to cut the line early to the Lion King.

Same with this show, "The Golden Mickeys". They cut the line for the 1000 seat theater 10 minutes before the show began. We walked right onto every other ride in the park. 

Had to take a ride on Dumbo. Longest line we had to wait in. 20 minutes. 
Apparently the shows are a much bigger draw than the rides are. It was kind of a fun reversal.
In front of It's a Small World, freezing my buns off. 

We're on fake BTM again. At the back. There are approximately 30 seats. There were 5 people riding it. 

So we went on it again and there were 3 people. Also, what makes it better is there is definitely a backwards ride element to it.

Do you see that? 5 min wait for Space Mountain. That means you walk right on, it takes five minutes to walk through the queuing area.

And again we rode a ride with only 2 other people.

It was cold and drizzly so most people left. We had the place to ourselves.

And they had churros (lots of other weird food too but CHURROS). (Edit: I wish we would have bought more of those. Maybe a food storage type stockpile.)

You're welcome :)

Our final food favorites tour included these yummy chicken skewers.

Sad faces leaving Hong Kong.

So. Our trip home. It still fills me with anxiety when I think about it. Also, with wonder that a blonde American girl crying can delay a train. But more on that in a bit. So we trek to the Hong Kong/ Mainland China border and even with a wrong train accident make seriously great time. We get to the train station with plenty of time. So much time in fact that Chad decides to run back over so he can cash out our Octopus cards. (Cards you put money on to use at places like 7-11 or the subway) We forgot to do that once we crossed and found out that you couldn't do it after. Dumb. Anyway, it took us like 15 minutes to get across and we had over an hour to wait so we figure let's go get our money back. (Note: we did have like $50 on the card so it was worth it- at the time) Anyway, I'm just chilling in the train station and Chad is not showing. They start boarding and Chad is not showing. (At this point I should mention that our phones work in China, but not in Hong Kong. So I had service, but as soon as Chad crossed the border, he did not have service) They start saying people for that train should board immediately and Chad is not showing. I'm freaking out. If we miss this train I don't know if we'll make it to our next train and drama drama drama. Anyway, I decide to go down to the platform and wait outside our train car. The conductor keeps looking at me and I just shrug. I see that the train is seriously getting ready to leave and I just start crying because I did not know what to do and I wasn't getting on the train without Chad. I start walking back a bit towards where people were entering to see if I could see him. The conductors are clustering and staring at me, the blonde American who is crying on the train platform while holding a lot of stuff (I had Chad's stuff too). They do not speak English. (Amazing really that 20 yards away people speak amazing English, but here nothing) I end up charading to him that there are suppose to be 2 of us and there is only 1 and just shrug. One finally understands and gives me an I'm sorry look.Then Chad calls. He's upstairs in the station and they are telling him the train has left. It has not. I'm telling him it has not and I find out later he then ends up just jumping the gate and heading down to the platform on his own. I manage to tell the train guy that the person #2 is upstairs and trying to come down. He goes into the train. Then tries to get me to go on. Chad calls and tells me to get on the train. He's on it, just more cars up. I get on and the conductor ends up helping me with my bags (still crying btw) and I'm talking with Chad looking out windows to confirm that we are, in fact, on the same train. I guess that my charade partner radioed to the other conductors and they had Chad jump onto the train at compartment 10 and I was down in compartment 2. They ended up holding the train for us and we left very shortly after we both boarded. It took the entire 1.5 hour train ride for me to relax just a little bit. 

Our next train wasn't due to leave for 2 more hours after we arrived so we trekked to Burger King and accidentally ended up buying an insane amount of food. We wanted to buy 2 meals and 2 extra sandwiches to tide us over for a lunch/ dinner thing but ended up with a total of 4 meals. Also, the Burger King employees spoke amazing English (except for the whole 2 meals instead of 2 sandwiches thing). 

Our next train ride ended up being 26 hours instead of the 24 and it was also about 2 hours late to our freezing cold station. Yay. We also had a horrible couple sharing the berth we were in who 1. Put their dirty gross shoes all over our bed 2. Laid in our bed before us and 3. Didn't let us sit on our bed until they were ready to go to sleep. We hated it. The whole time. 

And here we are on our train just about to disembark in Weifang.

Whirlwind trip over.