Barring any huge scholarship offers from a school that put Chad on a wait list, we are pleased to announce to the three of you who read this (you know who you are, and we thank you for that) Chad will be attending UCLA for law school. It has been working out so well that it definitely seems meant to be. From being the first school to respond (always a nice thing) to the roughly 20,000 in scholarships and grants they offered- it has been pretty great. 

So it seems that we will be heading back to Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. We are very torn about it. Chad is really excited for UCLA, it was one of his top choices, and we are excited for the warm weather (one of us significantly more than the other... I'm sure you all can figure out who), being closer to family (some of them) and that in only 3 short years Chad will finally be done with school, but we will miss all the friends and the public transportation (sometimes) from NYC.

Also, Sunday marked 3 months left here in China and it seems a bit surreal. There were moments where it seemed like this day would never come, but it's also crazy to think that in no time we will be back in Los Angeles, with Chad getting ready for school and Michelle job hunting.