After we got into Bangkok and finally made it to our hostel we went out to find food. If you watch this video you'll understand why 1. Chad and Brittany got so excited when they saw this and 2. I rolled my eyes A LOT in 24 hours. Also I'm sorry I just destroyed 10 minutes of your life.

Anyway, we were told of a street with good food and went and found some dinner. There was some seriously good, felt pretty authentic food. Also a very weird shake option that we sadly did not try. 

Do you see it??

Well we had basically one day in Bangkok, so we spent most of it just wandering around taking it all in. We got to be pros at not taking the expensive water taxis and Brittany got to be such a pro at bartering that she tried to do it at a pharmacy. (Pro tip: they don't barter)

We're on a boat!

Puppy pile!!

Thai Palace. We decided to save our money and not go in. It was a lot of fun sitting there though listening to a guard yell at people through a megaphone about how they aren't properly dressed to enter.

We found this street and it was exactly what I pictured Bangkok would look like.

So this is the only picture we got of this place called Asiatique- our hostel owner said we would like. It was a super overpriced outdoor mall. It reminded me a bit of Downtown Disney.
Sadly, in the middle of the night Brittany left us for the land of large drinks, free refills, Mexican food and potable water. Our flight was later in the afternoon so we hung around a bit, went shopping and freaked out when we found this coat in our room. We thought maybe Brittany forgot it and would freeze her buns off when she got back to Utah. We kept it just in case, which turned out to be a blessing as you'll see in our Hong Kong post. It wasn't hers btw. It belonged to what we assume was a french man.

I also finally bought my Thailand government protest tee because 1. I was there during them and 2. I love supporting democracy in action (although it wasn't exactly democracy because the protesters wanted the elected official to step down and for the government to be run by a non elected council. I guess I more like to see citizens care about their government in that way. Not just whining on Facebook). Anyway, you'll also see that shirt in our last Hong Kong post.

We headed off to the airport via metro and bus (go us not needing to take a cab!) and enjoyed a McDonalds lunch there. Did you know Thailand has a DOUBLE BIG MAC. Who says the US is the fattiest country ever? We don't have a double one! (Also, you would know this if you followed me on Instagram. So if you didn't know then shame on you!)