We decided an exurison to Ko Phi Phi was in order next since it's not everyday you get to visit the place where these two gems were filmed. I'm not gonna lie... it wasn't everything we expected and more. It actually disappointed quite a bit...

Except for this! I thought maybe Batman had tracked me down...

As you can see it really was quite beautiful. But you can also see that it was pretty crowded, and to swim here would be swimming in gasoline water because of all of the boats. So we were told if we just kept walking down this one path we would find a cool beach.

We also tried this beach.... but after sitting in the sand about a mile away from the shore and still not being able to cover our bodies in water we kept going.
  It was a pretty crazy long trek full of climbing around tree roots, up and down dubious stairs and through resorts we finally made it to the beach. It was pretty nice, but there were rocks all over in the sand and I cut my foot pretty horribly on a rock. 

Funny story, ish. When we were in the water, post rock, there was this gray fish swimming around our feet. He kept circling my feet and creeping me out so I swam a bit away from him. HE FOLLOWED ME and honestly seemed reallllly interested in my cut foot. I seriously thought he was a baby shark and that I was chumming the water. We then swam around a bit and then when we stopped again HE WAS THERE AGAIN circling my cut foot like a creep. He didn't care about the non cut one. Then a fish rammed into Brittany's shin (edit: allegedly rammed) and at that point I had had enough and pretty much made a mad dash for the shoreline. I might have screamed once or twice... (edit: factual, there was less screaming over the 4th of July in Amity).

Anyway after all that we decided to have a bit of a fancy dinner right on the beach and had some pretty amazingly delicious fish. It was pretty fantastic to sit there, watching the sunset and enjoying the beauty of the beach.


Turns out where we were staying in Phi Phi (note I hated it- it was a dorm with the rudest people on earth in it) was pretty much what you imagine Spring Break in Cancun would be. Loud dumb drunks wandering everywhere and craziness at every bar. Turns out Phi Phi isn't our scene...

But if you wanted to you could get in and fight some ??? thai boxers??
The next day on the island we decided to do a boat tour of a neighboring island. It was amazingly beautiful and now you will be slammed with about a million pictures of it all. 

Heading out!

This is Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed. It was filled with tourists so we went over a bit away and snorkeled instead.
Ugh while we were snorkeling we almost got run over by a dumb speed boat full of frat boys who weren't aware that you shouldn't fly into an area that's known for snorkeling right next to a boat.

If you look closely you can see the million boats and people that were all over this beach trying to take selfies without anyone else in the picture. It was pretty ridiculous.

It's a bad picture but I'm trying to show how clean and beautiful the water was!

Bring on the snorkeling.

Bring on the....mermaids? I don't know what is going on with this weird reverse Ariel pose...

Someone lives here!!! Built into the island like this!

This is our boat driver, he's been doing this for like 12 years and he was really cool and chill.
 After our boat adventure we decided to go on what we were told was a little hike up to the top of the island. We thought it would be a pretty quick adventure and a fun view. It was seriously straight up hill the entire time and almost constantly in the sun. It was also noon. Not the smartest thing we did. I definitively exhibited multiple symptoms of heat exhaustion.

But the view was actually pretty darn incredible and I think it was worth it. 

Fun to see all the boat zipping around the harbor

After we got up there we were told there is a quicker way back down to town. Turns out you can go the long meandering uphill through the forest way we went, or you could just take a huge flight of stairs from the town and get there relatively quickly. Yay...

Our last day in Krabi was pretty uneventful. We just slept in a bit and spent the day in Ao Nang swimming and tanning and shopping. 

Here's our last dinner in Krabi (Ao Nang really) for at least a little while. Fruit shakes, pad thai and mango sticky rice. Perfect goodbye meal!